What is Shape Me and how can it help me?


I am often asked if I see clients privately and while I do see clients ½ a day a week, more often now I communicate with clients via telephone consultations or more and more frequently via Shape Me by Susie Burrell, my online program.

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Shape Me was developed 2 years ago after more and more people were contacting me for appointments specifically for weight loss and the dietary management of insulin resistance for which it can be hard to find health professionals who are experienced in managing. We started with a 30 day program which catered for a number of dietary requirements including gluten free and low FODMAPs diets but we quickly learnt that there was demand for longer programs where people wanted to lose more weight so we now also offer a 3 month program which caters for individuals who want to lose more than 10kg. Shape Me now offers more than 750 recipes for a range of dietary requirements and offers the option of working directly with me for any more in depth dietary concerns or you can simply follow the basic meal plan. Excitingly we are also working on a recipe subscription option for users who are keen to simply have access to our huge bank of calorie controlled recipes. This option will be available soon so stay tuned or sign up to our Shape Me newsletter so you can be the first to know when it’s available.

If you have tried online weight loss options before and are looking for a different approach, if you know or want to lose weight but simply do not have time for appointments, if you are looking for the support of a dietitian but cannot afford it or get to appointments or if you want some new meal and recipe ideas, Shape Me could be for you. Or if you simply want to hear more, here are some more FAQ’s about Shape Me.

Want to try some of our Shape Me recipes? See some of the recipes we offer as part of our plan, here.

How does Shape Me work?

Tell us your goal weight loss and we will direct you to the plan most suited to you. Depending on your weight loss goal, this will be either a 30 day or 3 month plan and you can then choose to add on access to me as an extra. Once signed up, Shape Me will then generate a personalised, customisable and calorie controlled meal plan for you which you can follow as strictly or as loosely as you like to compliment your lifestyle and weight goals.

What if I don’t like the food or recipes?

Easy – Shape Me has the option of changing any of the options generated for you from our bank of meal and recipe options.

What if it is not working for me?

If you have added access to me as part of your plan, we can chat throughout the whole journey to make sure you are always on track, or help get you back on track if you go off! Alternatively, email our team at any time should you have any questions on how to get the most out of our system.

What if I want to weigh in?

Shape Me includes a weight tracker so you can monitor your progress. Weigh in at home and contact Susie directly for guidance and support as part of the Shape Me program.

What do I do once I finish my 30 days or 3 month program?

You can either renew or soon, subscribe to our calorie controlled recipes on an ongoing basis.

What else does my program include?

Shape Me includes access to free eBooks, our recipe database, daily tips from me, shopping lists, a weight and goal tracker and our supermarket product guide.

Can you claim Shape Me on my health fund?

It depends on the fund but Susie is registered as a dietitian with all health funds so it will depend on your level of cover. HIF specifically supports Shape Me, see more here.

Sign up to Shape Me for as little as $1.31 per day, here.