5 reasons my online program, Shape Me by Susie Burrell, may be for you


How are you feeling at the moment? Energised for the year ahead? Fit and on track with your fitness goals? Or a little bloated and heavier than you would like? By the time we reach the third week of January we either tend to be on track with our nutrition or we are feeling out of control. So if it is the latter for you, here are 5 reasons why my online program, Shape Me by Susie Burrell, may be for you.

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1. You are looking for a sustainable diet.

Shape Me has been developed as both an individualised weight loss support system but also one that is sustainable. You dont have to spend hours in the kitchen preparing food if you do not want to, nor do you need to quit anything. Shape Me is a simple calorie controlled model developed by a dietitian that can be adjusted to suit your personal dietary needs and preferences.

2. You want support.

Unlike many of the online weight loss programs, Shape Me offers direct access to me via email to have any specific queries or concerns answered. This means that you not only get an individualised diet plan but the opportunity to further change and refine it based on your own needs.

3. You need some inspiration.

Let’s be honest, deep down you know what you should be eating, but sometimes you need a little help with meal planning and direction with delicious, calorie controlled recipes that fit in with your dietary goals. Shape Me offers all of this with a supermarket guide, more than 800 recipes and daily tips, tricks and advice.

4. You need it to be convenient

Who has time to spend hours sitting on a computer working out your diet and exercise program? A lack of time is probably the reason you are battling a few kilos already. Shape Me can be access anywhere, anytime on your mobile device which means you can use it as much or as little as you need to help keep you on track with your health and weight loss goals.

5. You need it to help you with specific issues

You may need or prefer to eat gluten free, or have insulin resistance or PCOS and need to make sure that your diet suits these medical issues. The great thing about Shape Me is that it has been developed by a dietitian which means ultimately your dietary issues can be catered for.

So…..what are you waiting for? Join today.