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After fifteen years working as a dietitian in private practice, I cannot do it anymore! It has got to the point where I cannot see any more clients than I am already seeing and hence the development of Shape Me, the 30 day plan by Susie Burrell which was officially launched yesterday.

Visit Shape Me here:

Shape Me, the 30 day plan has been in the making for almost 12 months and was planned and designed with the simple goal of providing all the services you would receive if you went and saw a dietitian, but online, via your laptop, iPad or mobile. Shape Me allows you to develop your own individualised meal plan based on my nutritional calculations, with calorie controlled recipes that cater for all dietary requirements whether you are vegan, wheat free, gluten free, low FODMAPS or all of the above. And, most importantly, you have access to me, direct with all your queries, concerns or questions as you work towards the health and weight loss goals you have set for yourself.

Shape Me is not about starving yourself silly, or forcing you to exercise for hours each day, nor is it expecting you to spend hours and hours in the kitchen. Rather it is designed for people like you and me – busy people who want good nutrition and weight loss to easily fit into an already overwhelming schedule. The recipes are simple, with as few ingredients as possible, your plan can be as simple or as varied as you would like it to be and when you are finding it hard, or run into trouble, you have access to your own personal dietitian.

At this point it does need to be said that I am blessed to be working with an amazing IT guru who also happens to be my brother in law – Stef from Fly Digital who has worked for literally hundreds of hours in developing this software. I have also been bossed around mercilessly by our project manager, Jacqui, who just also happens to be my sister which also means that our family dinners have generally become working dinners and if Shape Me does well, we may also be able to claim them on our tax next year – here is hoping.

So, fingers crossed. We hope that Shape Me is the online nutritionist that you have always hoped for and we look forward to getting your feedback very, very soon.




  • Kathy Dabb says:

    Susie,I am nearly 67 and need to lose about 10kgs!
    I have had 2 knee replacements so I am restricted in doing lots of exercise.
    I walk my dog every day and average 10000 steps every day>
    My portion sizes are too big that is the main problem,and of course “The Wine”

    If I join your programme can I still lose the weight with just my walking?
    I have been on WW on line which worked for me!
    Can you please get back to me. Kathy

  • Genevieve Seager says:

    Hello, I just wanted to ask, will this app generate a weight loss plan to help me combat my (medically diagnosed) insulin resistance? Thank you, Genevieve.

  • Karen says:

    Hi. Will your program carter for gluten intolerance. Also I can’t eat tuner & salon. Will there be alternative to these.

  • Alicia says:

    Hi, I’m not looking to lose weight but more maintain my size with healthy eating, will these plans be suitable?

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