Simple diet changes you should commit to in 2016

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Forget New year’s Resolutions, they come and mostly go simply because they are often expectations which are virtually impossible to commit to and maintain long term. On the other hand, making a commitment to some strong, powerful lifestyle decisions that you work towards making deeply entrenched habits is the secret when it comes to long term lifestyle success. And there is no better time than at the start of a fresh New Year so lets get cracking with these simple diet changes.

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1. Commit to planning your food.

This means knowing what you will be having for breakfast tomorrow morning. This means knowing at least 2-3 of your dinners each week. Remember planning is the key to dietary success and kikki k have some great options here.

2. Commit to taking your lunch.

Taking your lunch to work each day will save you hundreds of calories each week as well as plenty of $. Leftovers, one cooked meal divided over several days, a work lunch club or some crackers, salad and tuna will go a long way in keeping your nutrition on track in 2016 and if you love enjoying lunch out, just cut back to 1-2 x each week.

3. Commit to more vegetables.

The best dietary commitment you will ever make for both your weight and your health. Just 2-3 cups of salad and vegetables at both lunch and dinner and you will be much lighter and healthier as a result. Frozen vege packs, extra salad or a daily cucumber, tomato and capsicum can easily tick this box.

4. Commit to 1 light day a week.

This may mean eating light on Mondays or making a soup each weekend but cutting way back on your calories on at least a couple of meals each week will go a long way in helping to balance the indulgences that inevitably creep into our diets on almost a daily basis.

5. Commit to not wasting your calories.

You may waste calories on snacks or picking the kids food or mindless munching at work but once you keep your focus on what you should be eating each day rather than whatever rubbish crosses your path you take control of your calorie intake, for good.