Why I create simple recipes.

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It may surprise you to hear that the meals I generally put together for my family contain 5 or less ingredients and literally take 10 minutes to prepare and that is why I have developed Shape Me Cooks.

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Few would disagree that on some nights the thought of whipping up another appealing and nutritious meal for the family simply seems too hard. So is there anything you can prepare from scratch, in less than ten minutes with minimal ingredients that will still tick a number of nutritional boxes? The good news is that once your pantry is stocked with a few food staples, it is far easier to put together a quick, nutritious meal than you think.

Nutritionally the two main things that tends to be missing in meals prepared on the go is a good source of protein and vegetables as these are foods less likely to be on hand when you have not had much time to get to the shops. Simply keeping a supply of tinned fish, ham or a few eggs on hand will ensure that you always have a couple of protein rich options ready to go while tinned or frozen vegetables will keep for many months and can be incorporated into many dishes.

Once you have these ingredients as well as some stock, tomato pasta sauce, pasta or rice and some potatoes you will be able to throw together at least ten nutritious meals. Use pasta sauce and mix with tuna or salmon, as a base for pizza or mix with pasta and beans and a few frozen vegetables. Top a jacket potato with tuna or salmon; add corn and a few cut up vegetables or use frozen vegetables and mix with tuna or leftover mince.

One of the main reasons that some individuals manage to eat well no matter how short of time they are, it that they actively make time to get to the supermarket each week and stock up on the dietary staples they need to be able to prepare meals quickly. If you are one of the many who actually detests shopping, maybe it is time to shop online. Convenient and time effective, online shopping not only means you are ready to eat well each week, but also means you avoid the temptation of buying extra foods you see when you find yourself at the supermarket late at night.

Try some of my quick and easy Shape Me recipes today.

Top 10 quick and easy meals

Jacket potato topped with salmon, cottage cheese and tomato

Pasta with tuna and frozen vegetables

Chili Con Carne



Mountain bread pizza

Frozen vegetables stir fried with prawns

Quick cook brown rice with ham or tuna

Vegetable soup

Frozen fish and frozen vegetables

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