Guest Blog: Antigone Kouris and developing her Skinnybik range


A/Prof  Antigone Kouris  is  a nutrition scientist, dietitian and researcher/author on the mediterranean diet and now a food product developer! I chat to her about her brand new Skinnybik cookie range.

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So why did you develop a “better for you” cookie range?

My patients kept asking me to recommend a healthy biscuit they could have with a cup of tea/coffee but I was unable to do so (protein balls/bars were just not right with coffee).
Then one day a patient “dared” me to develop my own cookie range as the nutrition expert! 
So I took on the challenge to prove that it was possible.  Two years  later the Skinnybik range was born.  Skinnybik  (both sweet and savoury) have a better energy and nutritional profile than other  similar biscuits in the supermarket, with  a  4.5 Health Star Rating.

How does the Skinnybik range compare to other biscuits from a nutritional perspective?

The wholesome ingredients (wholemeal spelt, lupin flour, oat bran, rice bran, almond meal, dried fruit, coverture dark chocolate, canola oil, extra virgin olive oil, whole eggs) and recipe manipulation resulted in cookies that are :     

                                                              Skinnybik/100g                        Regular cookies/100g
reduced in calories by 20-25%              1500kj                                                2000kj
reduced in sugar  by 40-50%                    15g                                                   25-30g
reduced in carbs  by 40-60%                20g-35g                                             60g-70g
reduced in fat by 30-40%                          15g                                                  20g-25g 
reduce in saturated fat by 80%                  2g                                                      12g
reduced in sodium by 50-80%      100mg-200mg                                300mg-600mg
higher in protein  by 70-100%              12g-16g                                                  6g        
higher in fibre  by 400%                           10g                                                    2g-5g

chocolatesmallWhy did you call them Skinnybik – do they help you lose weight?

The name was chosen to highlight their desirable nutritional profile i.e reduced (or skinny) in calories/ sugar/ carbs/bad fats  with only 56 calories each (15g).  Also, you can stop at 2 or 3 because of their satisfying chewy texture and composition (e.g  fibre, protein, lupin).  As a result, many of my patients have lost weight whilst eating  Skinnybik.  Also, by allowing them to have a “healthy” indulgence they were less likely to feel “deprived” which helped them stick to their meal plan.

What is “lupin” and why did you use it in the gluten free flavours?

Lupin is a legume.  Lupins are high in protein and fibre and very low in carbs. They are traditionally consumed in the Mediterranean as a whole bean snack preserved in brine.  In Australia, lupins are converted to flour and increasingly used in bread and pasta. Lupin flour adds nutrition to gluten free products and a great spongy texture.  Studies have shown that lupin enriched bread and cookies can help suppress appetite, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, improve glucose metabolism and bowel health.    

What inspired the flavours/ingredients of Skinnybik and who are they suitable for?butterscotchskinnybiksmall

I have used Mediterranean inspired flavours and ingredients influenced by my Greek heritage and latest research.   They are suitable for everyone, including people with health problems.

Fodmap & fructose friendly  Spelt, date & Butterscotch (tastes like a sticky date cake)

Gluten free Lupin, Cocoa and dark chocolate chip ( tastes like a brownie)

Gluten free Lupin, Cranberry and rose (tastes like a Turkish Delight, my favourite)

Gluten free  Lupin, Turmeric & chia (with 100% extra virgin olive oil) tastes like a savoury scone (my family’s favourite) ( has zero sugar and only 3g carb per biscuit).

And lastly, how does when get hold of these little gems? 

From with free delivery anywhere in Australia.

Thanks so much Antigone!




  • Joanne goard says:

    Just wondering where purchase the skinnybik range   they look so yummy i live out in windsor nsw .

  • Saba says:

    I really like skinnybik biscuits. They all taste very good and my favourite is butterscotch!  The best thing about them is they are not too sweet but I feel full after just one or two pieces. You shouldnt miss them if you are trying to lose weight. So yummy! My hosband has also fallen in love with skinnybik biscuits and is a great fan of them since I started buying them! :D we both look forward for the new products! 

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