Snacks for kids

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Any busy parent is well aware of the challenges that can present when trying to find healthy, nutritious and appealing snacks for kids. Not only can it be a juggling act to track down tasty and nutritious snacks but what kids will or will not eat on any given day can differ widely. There is also the question of how much our kids should snack in general, so to help busy mums and dads here is your guide on how to snack right for kids.

A snack should be considered a ‘mini meal’ and as such have the right nutritional balance to keep both kids and adults full for at least a couple of hours. For this reason, processed bars, twists, bites and biscuits rarely do the trick. Not only do they rarely contain the key nutrients growing kids need but they are often digested quickly leaving kids hungry quickly after eating them.

Are bananas a good choice for breakfast? Yes! See more on why, here.

As a general rule of thumb, a nutritious snack for kids should contain some good quality carbs for energy and some other positive nutritional properties whether this be protein, fibre, wholegrains and/or nutrients such as calcium found in a banana, cheese stick or wholegrain crackers. This way a snack is not only giving growing children the carbs they need for energy but also contributing some other key nutrients that will support optimal growth and development.

As you would expect, a good snack choice will also be as natural and unprocessed as possible. For this reason, fruits such as bananas and dairy based snacks such as cheese, a glass of milk or some Greek yoghurt come up trumps when it comes to ticking the box for both health and nutrition.

Finally but perhaps most importantly, snacks for kids need to, where possible be child friendly. Less processed snacks including home baked, fruit and dairy are competing with highly processed, often sweet and brightly packaged snack foods that children will automatically be drawn to. Don’t be afraid to dress up your nutritious kids snacks to help make them as appealing as possible.

Top snacks for kids

Homemade treats such as fruit muffins or banana bread

Crackers with cheese

Smoothie with milk and fruit

Snack plate with dips, veges and cheese


Roasted broadbeans

Homemade pizzas or wraps

Frozen yoghurt ice-blocks

Greek yoghurt

Yoghurt or choc dipped bananas!

Recipe: Australian Banana Pops

Makes about 12 pops


2 x 170g tubs of Chobani Greek or Coconut Yoghurt

24 dark chocolate bits

6 small Australian Bananas cut in halves


Line a baking tray with baking paper.

Dip each banana in yoghurt and add 2 eyes using dark chocolate bits.

Place in the freezer to set for around 1 hour.