Let’s talk about the snacks marketed to young children.

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As a parent, chances are you are keen to give your children the best nutritionally. The issue with this when it comes to foods marketed for children is that there are plenty that are far less healthy than you would think. Here are a few popular kids’ foods and what you will find in them.

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Weetbix Go Breakfast Biscuits

With more than 8g of sugars in a single serve, a biscuit is a biscuit is a biscuit and biscuits are not a healthy choice for breakfast.

Heinz Little Kids Oat Bikkies

With butter and sugar listed within the first three ingredients, these are not a good choice for small children especially who are best to have no added sugars in their diet.


Marketed as organic and with 25% less sugar, ARI bars still contain sugars, agave and rice syrup which are all sugars meaning that each bar contains a teaspoon or ¼ sugar.

Wholekids Organic Fruit Bar

Another product with multiple sources of added sugars via dried fruit, honey and sugar, a single bar contains almost 15g of sugars, or 3 teaspoons in a single bar!

Uncle Toby’s Roll Ups

These is nothing healthy about pressed fruit and sugar and your child’s dentist would agree. Each roll up contains almost a teaspoon of sugar.

Rafferty’s Garden Fruit Snack Bar

The second and third ingredient on this product is sugar giving each bar 6g.

Whole Kids Organic Farm Biscuits

With sugar and vegetable oil as the second and third ingredients, again there is nothing healthy about feeding small children sweet biscuits.

Sakata Paws

While rice crackers may seem to be a healthy option, a closer look at the ingredient list reveals added sugar, vegetable oil and a highly processed snack option.

Fantastic Rice Crackers

Not only do many varieties of flavoured rice crackers contain added MSG (621) but vegetable oil, sugar and salt as well – no good for small tummy’s or taste buds.

5AM Organic Yoghurt Tubes

With sugar listed on the ingredient list and 14g of sugars or more than 3 teaspoons in a 120g pouch there are much better yoghurts available for children.

Milk Arrowroot Biscuits

Plain sweet biscuits remain a popular choice for mums but when you consider that this biscuit is made up of palm oil, sugar and white flour giving 5g of sugars per 3 biscuits, again there are much better teethers for children.

My Yummy Lunchbox Sesame Sticks

With added rice syrup, sweetened condensed milk and sugar or three different sugars, these vegan, gluten free bars also contain a teaspoon of sugar which is ¼ of the 18g bar.

Yoplait Petit Miam Squeezie Yoghurt

With sugar as the second ingredient and 12g of sugar per 70g tube, the negatives of this product for small children outweigh any potential nutritional benefits.

Vaalia Kids Yoghurt

Sugar is another core ingredient in this yoghurt which contains 15g or more than 3 teaspoons of sugar per 140g serve.

Only Organic Apple Custard

Added sugar translates into 11g of sugars per 120g tube of this dessert marketed for babies.