Spuds are back!

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This is a sponsored post in conjunction with UberEATS and their Family Feed Campaign.

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For a number of years the poor old potato has copped a  whole lot of spud bashing with claims its high carb content is a recipe for weight disaster. Nutritionally though this could not be further from the truth, with the humble spud containing just 20-30g of carbs, similar to that found in a couple of slices of bread along with heaps of nutrients including fibre and Vitamin B. Potatoes are also extremely filling, and as such make a fantastic meal option for a filling lunch or dinner side. (We all need to remember that most of us eat our potatoes as fried chips where is where things go wrong for potatoes!)

So when I stumbled upon a Spudbar when I was in South Melbourne recently, I was beyond excited. A roasted potato packed full of salad is a perfect meal option nutritionally and with expansion plans for Spudbar around Australia is is time you know about them too! 

So this week I spoke to lead Spudbar potato man Matt to get the lowdown on spuds!

Matt, I have loved a filled spud as a healthy option for my clients for a long time now, tell me how did you get into making spuds a meal?

We discovered the Spud was the perfect platform to build a meal around – delicious, filling, and much healthier then the typical meal staples of pasta, bread and rice.

A number of people actively avoid potatoes, why should they not?

The spud is a nutrient rich gem of natural goodness, and sweet potato options mean lower GI options.

The menu offerings are so delicious, what are your most popular potato fillings?

Fresh vegetables, free range chicken, chilli bean and salsa, moroccan chickpea and kale – you can literally add anything to a warm spud and it tastes great!

What is the most common feedback you get from your customers?

Happy that great tasting food doesn’t need to mean heaps of sugar and fat. Fast food doesn’t have to mean junk food.

At the moment Spudbar is Melbourne based, any plans for expansion?

Yes with 16 (about to be 19) in Melbourne, plus with a store in Fremantle (WA), and Brisbane (QLD), we are opening more stores each few months, with a National footprint ever expanding.

And even better Spudbar is a part of UberEats Family Feeds, which means a family can grab for hearty spuds for just $40 when you need a quick and easy meal options that can be delivered to your door – add discount code etc here

So if you have not enjoyed a filled spud for a while, do yourself a favour and remind yourself how nutritious and yummy a simple spud can be.

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How to get Family Feeds with UberEATS

1. Download the UberEATS app from the iOS or Google Play stores.
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For more information on UberEATS and their Family Feed Campaign, click here.