How to start the year right.

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Over the next few weeks you are going to see a lot of articles and blogs written on New Year’s diets, quick weight loss and detox programs. So if you are looking to overhaul your diet and lifestyle in 2017 here are the quickest and easiest changes you can make to your diet to drop a few kg quickly and help reset your health in no time.

Clean out the fridge and cupboard – now!

If there are tempting treats and sugary snack foods in sight, you will eat them. If you are serious about getting your diet and lifestyle on track in 2017, you need to keep all the healthy foods you need on hand to eat well, minus the temptation. So get organised, get shopping and get a ready supply of healthy foods on hand to help you eat well.

Look for natural ways to boost your health

It may be taking a fish oil capsule to help reduce inflammation in the body; a liver supplement to help you recover from the silly season or some grapeseed oil to give you an antioxidant boost but starting the year with the right regime of supplementary health products is an easy way to give your health a boost and complement your busy lifestyle.

Read more on fish oil and how it can help you, here.

Base 1 meal a day on vegetables

Whether this equates to a vege juice to start the day; a large salad for lunch or a vegetable soup for dinner, simply replacing one meal a day with a low calorie vegetable based alternative you will drop 200-300 calories out of your day without noticing which will support 1⁄2 – 1 kg weight loss a week.

Just 3 meals a day – no snacking

Unless you are training for more than an hour a day, or start work before 8am, chances are that you will only need to eat 3 times a day. Often we snack out of habit not hunger, and as such take in an extra 400-500 calories a day, just on snacks alone. Shifting your food intake to 3 good, filling meals will not only help to regulate your appetite so that you are really hungry for your meals, but it also helps to control the release of the hormone insulin which is involved in fat metabolism long term.

Did you know a surprisingly high number of people have a fatty liver? Learn how you can help build a healthy liver here.

Include a protein rich breakfast

Basing your first meal of the day around protein rich foods such as Greek yoghurt, eggs, cottage cheese or lean meat which offer 15-20g protein per serve appears to help regulate the release of the hormone insulin, which in turn appears to regulate appetite. Not only are these protein rich foods also rich in nutrients, but they will help to prevent the sugar cravings that kick in at 10-11am after a breakie of cereal, toast or fruit.

No food 8pm – 8am rule

It may surprise you to hear that just having a 12 hour break without food overnight may help you to lose weight. Late night meals can mean we eat lightly the next day and shift our calorie intake towards the second half of the day, when we are least active. Make a concerted effort to eat your final meal each day by 8pm at the latest and notice how much more you enjoy a filling breakfast the next day.

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