5 easy ways to stick to your diet

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The easy ways to stick to your diet

While many of us may have the goal of weight loss, far fewer of us are successful when it comes to losing a few kilos and keeping them off. The reasons for this are varied and complex – often life gets in the way; we are stressed, bored and tired and some of us simply do not like being told what to do and tend to rebel at the mere thought of restricting our food intake. 

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So if you are constantly trying to diet without success, here are some easy steps to take to try and increase your chances of success.

1. Choose the diet that is right for you

You may like to fast each week; or buy calorie controlled meals or Paleo might be your thing but the key to achieving success with any diet is simply sticking to it. This means the more you like your diet and they easier you find sticking to it, the more likely you are to get results. 

2. Give yourself time

All of us want instant results but even the strictest diet is likely to only see a 2-3kg weight loss over the course of a week and that is if you have plenty of kilos to lose. This means that you need to allow at least 1 month to lose 5kg. Committing this time will in turn allow you to lose weight slowly and sustainably. 

3. Factor in meals off

Life will inevitably see you engage in social occasions in which high calorie foods and alcohol are served. This means that dietary success needs to allow for a couple of eating occasions each week in which you do not have to be strict. 

4. Do it with someone

Support during the diet process is crucial which means if you are committing to a new regime with someone else – a friend, partner, sibling you will be much more likely to stay on track.

5. Get rid of the food

Often we buy tempting foods and keep them in the house and expect not to eat it. Human beings will eat whatever food is readily available to them which means keeping your environment free from tempting foods is a crucial part of success.