The top 5 ways to stop eating too much

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Hands up if you regularly go to bed feeling slightly hungry – it never happens does it? All too often we are in a daily habit of eating way too much and generally feeling stuffed and uncomfortable. Unfortunately it is this slight overeating on a daily basis that tends to cause weight issues long term – the gradual 1-2kg creep we tend to experience year in, year out. So, if you are the one of many who can’t remember feeling really hungry, here are some simple steps to take to stop eating so much.

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1. Learn to say no

We eat when food crosses our path or because it is a meal or break time, we rarely eat because we are hungry. Simply learning to say no to food even though you may want it because you are not hungry is an empowering step to take to gain control over your food intake.

2. Eat only when really hungry

Forget a rating of 5 or 6 on a hunger scale, try and resist eating until your hunger is much higher – not so ravenous that you would eat a small child but at least an 8 out of 10.

3. Don’t be afraid to skip a meal

In the diet world, it is taught to us that skipping a meal means you are on the way to a full blown eating disorder. Rubbish, if you are not hungry, you maybe need fewer calories and it is ok to skip a meal every so often, or at least delay it until you feel some hunger.

4. Stop eating earlier

Late night meals and treats completely derail our natural hunger and fullness signals so we eat too many calories late in the day and as a result do not wake up hungry. Make a concerted effort to stop eating each day to allow yourself 10-12 hours without food overnight.

5. Put the fork down before you are full

Easier said than done but it takes a few minutes for the brain to register that you are full which means not only does slowing down your eating help you to eat less but actively stopping a meal a mouthful or two away from fullness is the key to eating until satisfied not stuffed.