Superfoods for busy mums

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You may be one of the supermums who has time to ferment your own vegetables and bake your own sugar free banana bread, but if you are anything like me, good nutrition has to be quick and easy. So for all the other busy mums out there, here are my favourite foods that I grab and cook on the go to make good nutrition the quick and easy option no matter how busy you are.

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thumbTassal Salmon & Beans Salads

One of the only Australian varieties of salmon available and this quick and easy lunch or snack option is protein and fibre rich, tasty and filling and most importantly does not require any preparation.

178137Peppercorn Lean Burgers

Available at Woolworths and IGA, these extra lean burgers mean that dinner can be prepared in literally 5 minutes and the burgers teamed with vegetables make a great low carb dinner for mum, and can also be made into hamburgers for a kid friendly meal.

01421BESteamFreshLemonParsley360g jpgBirds Eye Steam Fresh Fish

Do you know you need to eat more fish but never seem to be able to get the fresh stuff. Frozen fish can be a nutritious quick and easy meal and these tasty options can mean dinner on the table in 15 minutes.

43135-BE-Steamfresh-Corn-Cauli-Broc-Peas-450g-3D jpg

Steam Fresh Frozen Vegetables

There is nothing wrong with frozen vegetables as long as you do not overcook them and these options can be added to grilled, stir fries or tuna at lunchtime to ensure you get the 2-3 cups of veges you need at both lunch and dinner.

pouch_kalequinoaveg_570x683pxLa Zuppa Fresh Soups

When you do not have time to cook, remember soup can be a low cal, nutrient rich option and much better than toast or cereal (or wine). These are the best packaged soups on the market.