Take control of your nutrition this Autumn!

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Take control of your nutrition this Autumn!

With 6 weeks left until the Easter break, there is a good amount of time that can be dedicated to all things health and indeed taking control of our health before the tough Winter months are upon us is a great idea. The weather is still good, the days relatively long and if we work hard we can even strip down a few kilos before the Easter holidays. Here’s how you can do it. 

Easter is on it's way!

Take control of your nutrition in the lead up to the Easter break with our brand new 14 day Autumn Kickstart plan!

Get your 14 day meal plan, packed with all our favourite Autumnal recipes and head into Easter full of energy and feeling great!

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1. Commit to meal planning

It is nice to check out the images on Insta of all the fitness people mea prepping each Sunday but the simple act of prepping at least some of your meals and snacks each weeks goes a long way in keeping your calorie intake controlled. Try starting with one main meal, a large serve of vegetables and a homemade snack such as protein balls or banana bread and notice how much better you eat for the first few days of the week.

2. Get a buddy

If you struggle with motivation, committing to a new regime with a close friend is an easy and cheap way to improve compliance, muster support and make the whole idea of eating well and exercising a whole lot less boring.

3. Clean out everything

Committing to a new healthy lifestyle regime means cleaning out your old habits, your cupboards and even your life. It is a chance for a fresh start, to rid the old and make way for the new. This means setting aside time to not only clean out the fridge and your cupboards of all the foods you know you should not be eating, but also any old clutter which you know you will be better off without. 

4. Eat less often

Diets often focus on what we should eat and when, when really we eat too much, far too often. One of the simplest and most effective dietary strategies is to have a day or two each week of light eating. Soups, salads and protein to remind you what it actually feels like to be hungry.

5. Commit to a Kickstart

2 weeks is a good period of time to dedicate to a new dietary regime – it is long enough to see real results but not too long to become boring. For this reason we have developed the Shape Me 2 Week Kickstart for Autumn. With all the recipes, tools and meal plans you need to take control of your diet this Autumn.