A diary of my pregnancy. Update #3: shopping and cakes!

Another 2 weeks, another 2kg, or so says the obstetrician! I am pleased to report that my appetite has fully returned and I now understand how my clients feel with an extra 4-5kg on board! And no, my doctor was not overly nice about my weight gain so it is back to pounding the pavement for me, especially over the long weekend.

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I know that these somewhat obsessive thoughts about gaining weight during pregnancy may seem a tad over the top, but I have spent the past 15 years reading and seeing first hand the links between pregnancy weight gain, birth weight and long term health outcomes so that may explain somewhat my obsession with keeping my weight gain over the next 3-4 months to an absolute minimum.

So apart from trying to stop eating the last few weeks have been filled with lots of fun baby type stuff – planning a baby lunch (please note, not shower, there will be no games at this lunch!) and shopping for the nursery. Anyone who has had kids will know that absolutely everyone has an opinion on what you should buy, do and prepare with but when it is twins things are a little more complicated. The stroller for example, do I get a massive, need to get a huge new car to parade around with bugaboo, or do I stick to a more aerodynamic single file model? The single file is definitely winning, especially after seeing a 45kg woman try and maneuver a double pram side by side through Bondi Junction Westfield last week. This already limits stroller choices but I am pretty keen on this one – it is light, single file and will easily fit in a small city car. What about the poor twin in the back you say? Bad luck I say, you are a twin so get used to sharing! The better behaved twin will get the front seat lets agree to that :)


Then we have the biggest decision of all, what type of cake do we get for the baby lunch? That’s why you have a baby lunch isn’t it? For good cake and with my current love of jungle animals look at this cake?! That is almost reason to have a baby or two in itself! As you can imagine with cake like this on offer there is a waiting list for the baby lunch so I will let you know if any seats become available.Cake

And finally to some more animal shenanigans, the baby nursery! Chris is already freaking out about me spending too much $ but since he spends many hundreds of dollars on a mix of motorcycle equipment, Rabbitohs memorabilia and football tickets surely he is not going to begrudge his new baby twins a top of the line cot? What is wrong with these men!? Naturally I pointed this out to him and we are back on the same page. I am largely undecided about cots BUT I am not undecided about this truly delightful bedding which will match my jungle theme perfectly! Did I also mention that I have not been doing a lot of work this week?

Anyway I thinCotk that is all for the moment. The goal is now to keep weight stable for at least another 2 weeks until my Dr returns from his European holiday and for anyone who is interested, we now know that we are definitely having 2 baby boys. Plenty more years of football it seems is on the cards for me. Lots of Love susie b xx