Whole foods: the nutritional benefits of garlic and ginger

For thousands of years the medicinal benefits of garlic and ginger have been documented.

Garlic; a bulb rich in sulfur compounds has been used to treat bacteria, high blood pressure, infections and even snakebites while ginger is known for its anti nausea action, in the treatment of arthritis and to relieve digestive symptoms.

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While the jury is still out on the specific action of these traditional medicines, there is some evidence to show that the active compounds found in garlic result in some positive changes in blood cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

The evidence for the use of ginger is less convincing, with few rigorous scientific studies attesting to its use in the anti nausea category. In saying that, if history repeats itself it is likely that we are still to learn much about the edible plant matter around us and adding some ginger or garlic to your cooking not only adds much flavour and zest but you may be getting some health benefits you never even knew about. 



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