Whole foods: the nutritional benefits of prawns



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The old Aussie saying, “throw a prawn on the barbie” is heard frequently during the warm when seafood and salad are a favourite of many families but we do not have to limit these nutritious baby’s until Summer.

Prawns are an extremely nutritious type of seafood, packed full of protein, calcium, iodine and zinc with little fat. Prawns are often associated with eggs, as it is thought that shellfish contains a lot of cholesterol. The good news is that there have been recent reports from the States that have questioned the assay (test) used to determine how much cholesterol is really in prawns. While the jury is still out, it seems that a serve of prawns is unlikely to have any significant detrimental effect on blood cholesterol levels.

The biggest issue with prawns is what we eat them with. Served grilled or marinated and with salad is fine, but if they are deep fried, or served with creamy sauces and dressings, the bad fat content will be significantly increased, so try and enjoy these tasty treats in as natural a state as possible.



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