The top 5 tips to survive the supermarket


You know the drill, you are on your way home, you know you have nothing in the fridge for dinner and you are absolutely famished. With every good intention you plan to pick up some chicken breast and some vegetables to steam for a healthy dinner but for some reason you walk out with a pack of chocolate biscuits, garlic bread and without a vegetable in sight. Such is the lure of the supermarket, especially when you go shopping hungry. Luckily there are some tricks of the diet trade we can share to make sure you never find yourself a victim of the supermarket again.

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1. Start with the fresh food.

Whether this translates into the vegetables, lean meat or deli, stocking your trolley or shopping basket with plenty of fresh produce will not only help you to plan your meals for the week ahead but leave far less room the packaged options that offer far less nutritionally.

2. Avoid the danger aisles.

Generally speaking, the layout of a supermarket is the same – fresh produce on the outside, whole aisles of confectionery, biscuits and snack food and a couple of aisles of baking and cooking ingredients. Avoid temptation altogether by staying well clear of the major danger aisles and shop only in the inner aisles if you are looking for a specific item. If we do not see tempting treats, we are far less likely to seek them out to purchase.

3. Declare a blanket rule of special offers.

Whether it is 2 for 1 chocolate bars; biscuits for $2, 3 for 1 potato chips or specialty packs of lollies, you know that you never usually buy them, nor would even consider buying them if they were not being pushed into your face, on special, at the front of the store. Once you make a mental decision to never be persuaded by these tempting treats, it will be much easier to ignore them each and every time that you go shopping.

4. Look for food free checkouts.

Why do you think supermarket chains put tempting treats near the check-out? Impulse purchases make plenty of money for retailers and see us adding a few extra high calorie treats to the trolley that we never usually would. Seek out confectionery and drink free check outs and avoid putting yourself through the temptation.

5. Make a list and stick to it.

Rather than expose the brain hundreds of food decisions, in which the chance you will go off track is high, make a shopping list. Not only does this focus your brain on what you want to seek out in the supermarket but it lessens the chance you will find yourself wandering in the aisles and wooed by foods not on your list. 



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