The top party season calorie swaps



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Party season naturally means party food but unfortunately a number of our favourite party foods are exceptionally high in both fat and energy. As a general rule of thumb, try and avoid anything fried and crunchy instead looking for fresh ingredients including vegetables, salad and fruit. And, if you must indulge look for small, portioned controlled options of your favourite party foods.

So now, the top party season calorie swaps to look for:

Food Swaps

  1. 1) Swap 3 Mini quiches (789kJ/12.3g fat) for 3 stuffed vine leaves (dolmades) (323kJ/3 g fat)
  2. 2) Swap 10 feta stuffed peppers (1010kJ/20g fat) for 4 marinated artichoke hearts (338kJ/6g fat)
  3. 3) Swap 1 tbsp. French onion dip with 6 crackers (811kJ/11.4g fat) for 1 tbsp. Light Philadelphia Sweet Chili Pour over with 6 wafer thins (350kJ/3g fat)
  4. 4) Swap 100g piece of Christmas pudding (1379kJ/11g fat) for 1 small mince pie (658kJ/5.6g fat)
  5. 5) Swap 2 party pies (1030kJ/13.8g fat) for 2 sushi rolls (330kJ/1g fat)
  6. 6) Swap 1 small bowl Red Rock Deli Sour Cream & Chili potato chips (1025kJ/11.7g fat) for 15 Grain Waves Wholegrain chips (560kJ/6.2g fat)
  7. 7) Swap 2 shortbread fingers (826kJ/11.2 g fat) for 5 fresh dates (420kJ/0g fat)
  8. 8) Swap 5 Cadburys Favourites chocolates (990kJ/11.9g fat) for 3 Red Tulip After Dinner Mints (406kJ/1.9g fat)
  9. 9 ) Swap 3 pieces Giant Toblerone (1724kJ/23.4g fat) for 2 Arnotts Premier Orange Sweet Thins (436kJ/5.8g fat)
  10. 10) Swap 1 handful honey roasted cashews (1316kJ/27.5g fat) for 50g Fantastic Delites Sweet Chilli & Sour Cream Rice Snacks (900kJ/6.4g fat)
  11. 11) Swap 5 thin slices salami (850/18.5kJ) for 1 slice smoked salmon (380kJ/5.5g fat)
  12. 12) Swap 6 plain rice crackers with 2 tbsp. Copperpot Basil w. Cashew & Parmesan Chunky Dip (1023kJ/19.5g fat) for 1 piece of tomato and basil bruschetta (546kJ/8g fat)
  13. 13) Swap 2 Chicken Satay sticks (1000kJ/11g fat) for 5 oysters (150kJ/1g fat)
  14. 14) Swap 10 Cadbury chocolate covered almonds (1155kJ/18.1g fat) for 35 Gourmet Jelly Beans (600kJ/0 fat)
  15. 15) Swap 3 fried chicken wings (1260kJ/21g fat) for 6 large king prawns (750kJ/3g fat)
  16. 16) Swap 1/4 Camembert cheese wheel with 6 water crackers (950kJ/13.8 fat) for 3 lavosh crispbreads with 2 tbsps. light hommus (528kJ/4.4g fat)
  17. 17) Swap 13 Pringle chips (562kJ/9g fat) for 6 Grissini sticks (235kJ/1g fat)
  18. 18) Swap Chinese Box of Pad Thai (1287kJ/17.3g fat) for Chinese Box of Thai Beef Salad (920kJ/5.6g fat)
  19. 19) Swap 20 honey roasted cashew nuts (790kJ/16.5g) fat for 10 stuffed green olives (329kJ/5.3g fat)
  20. 20) Swap 15 Christmas M&M’s (615kJ/6.3g fat) for 10 strawberries (400kJ/0g fat)


Alcohol Swaps

  1. 1) Swap 345ml bottle Tooheys Extra Dry (555kJ) for 355ml Bottle Pure Blonde (447kJ)
  2. 2) Swap regular Vodka Cruiser (734kJ) for Vodka Zero (319kJ)
  3. 3) Swap wine (473kJ) for wine spritzer – 1/2 wine + 1/2 fizzy water – (296kJ)
  4. 4) Swap Champagne (355kJ) for Yellowglen Jewel (199kJ)
  5. 5) Swap Gin and tonic (460kJ) for Bacardi and coke (635kJ)




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