5 tips on how to drop a few kilograms, the sustainable way


FreshVegetablesFew of us would not like a drop a few kilograms over the next few weeks as the time to bare skin is quickly approaching. Sure it is easy to say eat less and exercise more, but here are some easy, clear tips on how to drop a few kilograms, the sustainable way, without you really having to work too hard at all!

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1. Go for protein at breakfast.

A couple of eggs with plenty of vegetables; Greek yoghurt and a little fruit or cottage cheese and a small amount of a wholegrain cereal will not only help to keep you full throughout the morning but it will also help to control the release of the hormone insulin. Insulin regulates both glucose and fat metabolism in the body and keeping it well regulated is a key step in long term weight control.

2. Eat your meals earlier.

Not a 1 or 2pm lunch and an 8pm dinner, shift your meal times. Ideally aim to take a meal break at 12pm each day and enjoy a well-balanced lunch of ½ a cup of carbs, 100g of protein and at least 2 cups of salad and vegetables. Not only will you feel more satisfied and less prone to cravings throughout the day, but eating lunch earlier will help eliminate the need for a mid-morning snack. The same can be said for dinner, if you try and consume your last meal by 7pm at the latest, you will give the body a good 10-12 hours without food overnight, which is a great way to give your metabolism a kick start and wake up nice and hungry the next day.

3. Get strict with your liquid calories.

Any type of coffee, tea, juice or energy drink contains calories, calories we do not appear to compensate for. For this reason, if you can manage to drop a couple of milk coffees from your day; or swap a juice or energy drink for water, you will immediately eliminate up to 300 extra calories from your day. And if you are a coffee devotee, simply swapping your order to a piccolo will again drop an extra 100 calories from your daily total.

4. Plan for 4pm.

3-4pm is the time that things often do downhill for those wanting to lose weight. A relatively strict day of eating is followed by extreme hunger and cravings late afternoon which inevitably leads to binge eating and sugar cravings if not well managed. Avoid this scenario after an early lunch by planning for a substantial filling snack between 3-4pm. Options that have a good balance of carbs and protein include a Mountain Bread Wrap with cheese, nut spread or lean meat; Wholegrain crackers with cottage or goats cheese and some cucumber or tomato or a meal replacement or protein shake with fruit and seed mix.

5. Focus on vegetables.

The simplest of all the diet tricks yet the one we forget all too often. As soon as you add some vegetables to your breakfast; 2-3 cups to lunch and dinner and an extra soup or salad a day, you have no room left for all the other rubbish, and you will lose weight. It is not rocket science is it?

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