The top 5 energy foods



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So you are feeling a little low and need a quick pick me up – before you rush out and grab an energy drink or a packet of lollies, check out my top 5 energy foods which are great nutrient rich foods that can help boost your energy in no time, the natural way.

1. Low fat chocolate milk – a perfect mix of low GI carbs and protein, consumed as a cold drink, hot chocolate or even iced coffee will help to keep you full and satisfied for 2-3 hours after drinking it.

2. Wholegrain bread – all bread is not bad, simply choose a dense grain variety and top it with cheese, peanut butter, avocado or cream cheese for a tasty and energy rich snack.

3. Oats – natural energy the way nature intended it. Team a tablespoon or two of oats with Greek yoghurt, low fat milk or protein powder, some berries, vanilla or cinnamon for a delicious tasty snack.

4. No added sugar peanut butter – a tasty way to get your fuel and good fat. Enjoy a tablespoon with corn cakes, a slice of wholegrain toast or apple slices for a delicious snack.

5. Bananas – are for monkeys and humans who need lots of energy in natural packaging and are a guaranteed energy hit within minutes.



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