Top 5 tips for surviving the long weekend without any extra kg!

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For many of us today is the start of a fabulous four day weekend and while this can be a great opportunity to eat well, get moving and catch some sunlight, it can also be a recipe for disaster when it comes to overeating and weight gain. For some reason psychologically many of us see any weekend or holiday as an excuse to overeat foods we never usually would which ultimately has to stop if the goal is to remain in control of our weight. On the other hand, simply adopting these key rules can be the difference between weight loss and not, even over a 3-4 day period.

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1. Schedule your activity now

You will not suddenly decide to go for a walk, you need to plan it. Ideally we will move every day for at least an hour on holidays or weekend days so get scheduling – walking catch ups with friends, family beach or bush walks, an extra gym class or PT session will go a long way in buffering any extra weekend calories

2. Have meals not days off

Sure you are likely to have a few extra drinks or some heavier food over the next few days but this does not mean that you need to write off the entire day or weekend. Limit higher calorie occasions to just once a day rather than allowing whole day blow outs.

3. Compensate

This means eating more lightly or even skipping a meal when you have overdone things. For example, if you have had a massive brunch, chances are you do not need to eat again until dinnertime. Often chronic dieters are scared to ever skip a meal but when you have eaten enough for 2 meals in 1, it is ok to skip a meal occasionally.

4. Go light on Monday night

My number one mantra for healthy weight control, finish any holiday period with a light salad or soup to help get straight back on track next Tuesday.

5. Commit to a program.

Once the long weekend is finished there are no excuses. This means if you really want to feel fitter, lighter and leaner you need to do the hard work now. Sign up to some PT sessions, see a dietitian or check out my online program to work towards your weight loss goals in time for Summer!