Top 5 Ways to not become a victim of Winter weight gain

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The season is turning and the temperature is slowly dropping. It is harder to get out of bed and even harder to get excited about salads. Before the Winter woes get to you, here are the 5 easiest ways you can say no to Winter weight gain this year

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1. Embrace soup

Simply adding a vegetable based soup to one meal each day not only ensures you get a daily nutrition hit but studies have shown that we eat up to 100 fewer calories at a meal when we have enjoyed a soup as a starter.

2. Start a new fitness regime

It may be starting a running program to prepare for the City to Surf; joining a new gym or Boot Camp or committing to regular training sessions with a friend but the simple act of starting something new, and ideally a type of training you like is all you need to help keep you motivated over the next few months.

3. Limit high fat, high calorie foods

Pizza, curries, pies, puddings and pastries may sound like a warming cold weather treat but allowing yourself to overindulge just because the temperature has dropped makes no sense. Limit high fat foods to just once a week and enjoy special foods on special occasions, not just because it is colder outside. 

4. Make lunch a substantial meal

Many of us go off track with our diet through the day as we eat too lightly at breakfast and lunch and then find ourselves starving come mid afternoon. Take control of your calories and your cravings by enjoying a hearty cooked meal at lunch – soup and a toasted sandwich; leftovers; stir fry or even pasta with tuna and vegetables will keep you full and satisfied until dinner without the extra snacks.

5. Keep an eye on the scales

Now I am not suggesting that you pop on every day, but checking in once a week will make sure your weight does not start to creep up and as we all know, it is much easier to keep weight off than to try and get it off once it is there. 



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