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With school due to return in a few days, the usual articles can be found in print media describing how parents can pack a nutritious and appealing lunchbox for small children. And once you start to talk about school lunches the topic of snack food comes up. Now, naturally as a dietitian I believe that the less packaged snacks small children have in their diet the better. Packaged snacks are generally made from refined carbohydrates and added sugars which few of our children really need. But, I am also a realist and know that Australian children want and eat packaged snacks foods in much greater volumes than they should, and telling busy parents to pack fruit and homemade muffins and hope for the best may not be all that useful advice.

So, the approach I take with my clients is to educate parents on what are better snack options for children nutritionally, and most importantly, try and limit your child to including just 1 packaged snack food in their lunchbox each day.

The top afternoon snacks for kids –

Sunbites Air Popped Popcorn (

With <80 calories per serve, 2g of fibre and no added sugars, popcorn is a great lunchbox filler.

Carman’s YUMMOS (

Made with wholegrains and containing just 80 calories per serve.

Milo Energy Snack Bars (

With <5g of added sugars, just 80calories and almost 2g of fibre, this popular brand combines some nutrition with a child friendly product.

Munchables Light Cheese and Crackers

Combines protein and calcium in a portion controlled pack.

Freedom foods Cocoa Crush (

This flavoured drink contains no added sugar and is a rich source of calcium and protein for just 100calories.

Chic Nuts Roasted Broadbeans (

With 5g of protein per serve, these crunchy chip like snacks are a perfect mix of low GI carbs and protein.

Uncle Toby’s Crunchy Choc Chip (Not CHEWEY) (

With <100calories per serve and just 4g of sugar, this popular bar option is not as bad nutritionally as you may think

ARI Bars (

In the health food section, a low sugar, gluten free bar option for <100calories.

Cobb’s Popcorn (

Another popcorn option.

Kez’s Gluten Free Cereal Bites (’s-free-snacks.asp)

Low in sugar, gluten free and a great option nutritionally if the kids will eat them

Rowie’s Snacckie Bites (

Low in sugar, gluten free and a great option nutritionally if the kids will eat them

Milo Starz (

Another 80 calorie snack choice with a relatively low amount of sugar compared to traditional biscuit style snacks for kids.

Uncle Toby’s Fruity Bites (

Individual sized portions of breakfast cereal that combines wholegrains and fibre in <80calories and 5g of sugars.



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  • Jen says:

    Hi Susie,
    I see that one of partners is Go Natural. Is there any reason you haven’t recommended their bars that come in a box??

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