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You know the feeling, it is already 5pm, you have to battle the traffic and you still do not know what you are having for dinner. While picking up a takeaway may seemingly be the easiest option, not only is it also an expensive option but nutritionally the majority of take away options out there are also packed full of fat, calories and salt. So to avoid succumbing to the drive through the next time you are scrambling for a meal here are my top 5 quick and easy dinners that can be prepared in minutes.

1. Salmon and Veg
A piece of fish or the fresh DeCosti’s packs can be found at Woolies ( and literally cooked in the pan in less than 5 minutes. Simply keep a supply of frozen veges on hand to steam or microwave.

2. BBQ Chicken and coleslaw
Whether you get your chook via a drive through or pick up one at the supermarket, BBQ chicken is a family fav and the leftovers can then be used for salads and sandwiches the next day.

3. Omelette
A mix of eggs, milk and whatever salad vegetables you have on hand, ranging from mushrooms to tomatoes to red capsicum or even frozen spinach and you have a low carb, high protein dinner ready in 5 minutes.

4. Tuna and Brown Rice
All you need is some quick cook brown rice, a few vegetables or cut up salad vegetables and a tin or tuna or salmon and you have a tasty dinner again ready in minutes. Season with some sweet chilli or light soy for some extra flavour.

5. Soup
Whether you keep a supply of homemade soup or some ready heat packs in your fridge; a hot bowl of soup enjoyed with a few crackers can again be ready in 10 or less.



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