My top supermarket soups for this Winter

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With a sudden drop in temperature there is also means that it is soup season. Not only are soups relatively low in calories but adding a soup to your day helps to lower your overall calorie intake whist boosting your nutritional intake. And if you simply do not have the time to make your own soup from scratch, the good news is that there are plenty of premade options now available in supermarkets that you can pick up on the run and add to any meal or alternatively enjoy as a light meal once each day. 

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Generally speaking the tetra pack or fresh soups are superior to packet and canned soup as they tend to be lower in salt and contain more vegetables. Any vegetable based option is a good choice but you may need to add some extra protein to make it a complete meal. Alternatively using a vegetable based soup is an easy way to get your vegetable serves in at a meal.  I look for soups that contain <20g total carbs per serve; minimal added sugars, <800mg of sodium per serve and 5-10g protein. 

Here are my best picks this season. 

Pitango Chicken Noodle Soup

The entire range of Pitango Fresh Soups is great but this variety contains no added sugar whilst also offering some protein.

La Zuppa Tuscan Chicken & Vegetable Soup

With a clean ingredient list and loads of vegetables, the entire range of La Zuppa soups in a tetra pack are good choice nutritionally and this one contains both good amounts of fibre and protein. 

Woolworths Fresh Chicken & Vegetable Soup

Another variety with good protein levels, and the plain vegetable options from Woollies are strong nutritionally too

Darikay Lentil Soup

The entire range is great but this lentil variety is particularly high in fibre and protein. 

Hart & Soul Pho Soup

Particularly low in calories, this brand offers quality soups with clean ingredient lists and relatively low levels of sodium for packet soups.