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With literally hundreds to different supplements available on the market to help you look and feel at your best, it can become extremely confusing to select which is the right supplement for you. While a number of supplements including Vitamin B, magnesium and Vitamin C are all extremely popular, there are a few key supplements that I would routinely prescribe to my clients that offer numerous health benefits for most of us. So here are the top supplements I generally prescribe and the reasons I choose these over others.

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Fish Oil

When you analyse individual clients diets, one of the key nutrients few of us get in the amounts we ideally need is long chain omega 3 fat. Found naturally in deep sea cold fish such as Atlantic salmon, you would need to eat 200g of fresh salmon every day to get the 1-2g of pure fish oil known to offer a range of health benefits including reduced levels of inflammation and blood pressure in the body. For this reason, a daily dose of fish oil only offers benefits and where possible look for an odourless variety to help reduce fishy breath and reflux.

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Whether you take it as a powder, capsule or a fermented drink, there is more and more evidence building to show that much of our immune function comes through the gut. Yet often our guts are not in overly good shape thanks to the impact of modern life, stress and a poor diet. A daily probiotic is the easiest way to help keep your gut healthy and your immune system pumping.

CO Q10

Known to help benefit individuals with high blood pressure and heart failure, CO Q10 is an antioxidant molecule known for its benefits to cell health and for its benefits to managing blood cholesterol levels. A good general supplement for anyone interested in anti-aging and cell health.

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Vitamin D

A huge number of people have low Vitamin D levels and while you should never take a vitamin or mineral supplement without knowing if you are deficient, if you are feeling tired and a little off, especially during the cooler months of the year and if you work inside, it is worth having your Vitamin D levels checked. Best taken with food, a Vitamin D boost will put the skip back in your step if you have been a little off.

Liver Health Complex

For individuals with a fatty liver, or insulin resistance, there are a number of herbal remedies known to improve liver function. In busy lives where we put our liver under pressure constantly with too much fatty food and wine, a liver supplement may just offer some improvements to your liver function.

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