My top Winter soups

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With soup season finally upon us, while it may be on your weekly to do list to make yourself a homemade batch, it is always good to know which the best are pre-prepared options should you need a quick option on the go. So here are my top Winter soups which make great low calorie lunch options teamed with ½ a sandwich or crackers or as a low calorie dinner option.

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La Zuppa SoupLa Zuppa Kale, Quinoa and Vegetables

The pick of the bunch when it comes to pre–made soups. Clean ingredient lists, literally no sugars and packed full of vegetables plus they taste great.


With a massive 16g of fibre per serve, this vege option has a clean ingredient list and makes a filling, low calorie meal.

Darikay Chicken Noodle Soup

A number of the Darikay fresh soups are low calorie, vege rich options.

Campbells SoupCampbell’s Healthy Green with Kale

A new variety of soup that is packed full of vegetables, is relatively low in salt for a packet soup and in a handy non messy container.

Woolworths Home Style Fresh Soups

You do need to check the labels of these fresh soups as they are not all good options but the vege and chicken varieties are relatively low in carbs and calories.