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Have you tried Halo Top, the new ice-cream on the market?

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat after dinner? Ice-cream would be close if not the winner when it comes to our choice of favourite after dinner treats, and let’s be honest, we have all demolished a lot more of the 1L tub than we had planned to at some point. Unfortunately a tub of our favourite ice-cream is likely to set us back more than 1000 calories, 70g of fat and 80g or 16 plus teaspoons of sugar which makes our after dinner treat look a whole lot more like an after dinner binge. So when Halo Top came to Australia more than 2 years ago, so many of our ice-cream issues were solved. Not only did we have a great tasting dessert treat that clocked in at 360 calories or less for an entire tub, but it came in great tasting flavours like Birthday Cake………..life is pretty good when this happens hey?

Now generally speaking ice-cream is made from cream and sugar, which makes it relatively high in both fat and sugar which is why that tub of Cookies and Cream tastes so amazing, and why you can eat an entire tub in one sitting – it is the combination of fat and sugars that stimulate a number of brain centres which in turn encourages us to eat more and more. Unfortunately for our waistline this is not such a good thing. When we take a closer look at Halo Top on the other hand, the unique recipe that combines organic stevia with egg white, prebiotic fibres and skim milk result in a great tasting dairy based dessert with a ¼ of the calories, fat and sugars. Is it any wonder that Halo Top is the number one dessert brand in the US and fast on its way to making this kind of mark in Australia?

DAIRY-FREE+CARAMAEL+MACCHIATOAnd for those dairy sensitive among us, the new Halo Top Dairy free range including caramel macchiato, sea salt caramel and peanut butter cup mean that a great tasting dessert can suit those following a plant based lifestyle or those who struggle with dairy. And if you needed further convincing, here is how Halo Top stacks up compared to other popular ice-cream varieties in Australia.

Halo Top Chocolate | Sara Lee  Chocolate | Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy

Per 100g | Per 100g | Per 100g

125cal (523kJ) | 233cal (937kJ) | 254cal (1062cal)

8g protein | 3.8g protein | 4.3g protein

4g fat | 14.4g fat | 14g fat

9g sugars | 21.2g sugars | 23.7g sugars

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