Announcing UberEATS Family Feeds

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Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 4.32.24 PMFor any busy family, making sure that there is a nutritious, family friendly meal on the table seven nights a week can be a challenging task. Generally speaking parents do want their family to eat well, and would love to spend hours on meal preparation each week, but in modern life time can get away from us and we need quick and easy mealtime options. 

The increasing popularity of home delivery meal options for busy people is not surprising. Most of us are time poor and rely on a quick meal to be delivered regularly to feed the family quickly without any fuss. Unfortunately when it comes to our health, and the health of our younger family members, this is not always the best outcome. Far too often fast food meals and orders from the kids menu are high in fat, contain few vegetables and offer little nutritionally.

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 4.32.52 PMThis is the very simple reason that I have partnered with UberEATS to launch their new family friend meal offering, Family Feeds. Now whenever you open your UberEATS app, you will notice that a number of cafes and restaurants are pointing you towards special Family Feeds packs. These packs are not only family friendly and cost $40 or less, but they have my stamp of approval when it comes to nutrition. You will notice that Family Feeds packs have more salad, more vegetables and offer leaner sources of protein so you can feed your family quickly yet not need to worry about their nutrition. And this is just the start, UberEATS will continue to get the support of more and more food outlets, cafes and restaurants to help offer families a wide range of Family Feeds meals so you and your family can eat healthier, no matter what cuisine everyone feels like. 

So next time you need to order a meal to feed your family quickly, don’t forget to make the most of Family Feeds. It is the easiest way to get you family to eat more nutritious meals, no matter where the meal is coming from!

How to get Family Feeds with UberEATS

1. Download the UberEATS app from the iOS or Google Play stores.
2. Open the app and head to the search function.
3. Type in Family Feeds.
4. Select a meal deal from one of your local restaurants.
5. Select any extras you want.
6. Tap ‘order’.
7. Sit back and wait for your meal to be delivered in an average of 30 mins.

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