Why we should eat veggies at breakfast

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Literally no one in Australia eats enough vegetables – the average Aussie is likely to get a few lettuce leaves and slices of tomato at lunchtime, along with a spoon or two of salad or peas and carrots at night. Is it any wonder we feel tired, sluggish and carry weight? Eating more veges is the simplest thing we can do to feel better on a daily basis, yet it rarely crosses our mind. Lunches we pick up in a rush through the day are lucky to contain any vegetables let alone the 2-3 cups we need, while some nights, especially nights when we eat out and indulge in a schnitty and chips or even sushi may contain no vegetables at all.

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It is for this reason I am proposing a new dietary regime – eating veggies as a regular part of our breakfast. Now don’t stress, I am not talking a big bowl of salad to start the day, rather considering adding veges to some of our breakfast favs to bump up the nutritionally quality at the first meal of the day. Not only will shifting our focus to include at least a serve of salad or veges with our breakfast take the pressure off our other meals but breakfast choices that include veges such as frittatas, vege smoothies, egg scrambles and even toasted sandwiches can be some of the most nutritious and filling breakfast options out there. Not only will you feel much fuller and satisfied when your breakfast includes much more bulk but simply shifting your awareness to adding more vegetables to the first meal of the day is also likely to remind you to also consume more veges throughout the day.

So, if you are struggling for ideas, here are the quickest and easiest ways to increase your vege intake significantly each week simply by adding them to your breakfast order.

Add a vege based juice to your regular breakfast – carrot, beetroot, celery is a good starting point.

Cook an egg scramble or omelette and add as many veges as you can – spinach, tomato, mushroom, capsicum and onions all work well.

Make mini egg cups with spinach, mushrooms and onions each weekend and simply heat one each morning on the way to work.

Order extra vege sides whenever you are enjoying breakfast out.

Bulk up toasted sandwiches with extra tomato and capsicum.

Add a side of pickled beetroot or carrot to your eggs or avo on toast.

Make breakfast a green smoothie and add spinach, kale, celery and cucumber for an extra vege boost.

Forget smoked salmon or avo on toast without adding the extra tomato and leaves to go with.

A leftover lean sausage and vege mash can be a delicious, protein rich breakfast option.

Forget Acai bowls; start a breakfast salad habit Asian style with a little quinoa or brown rice, egg or salmon, pickled veges, spinach, tomato and avocado.

Guaranteed to keep you full until lunchtime.