A diary of my pregnancy. Update #2: What have I been craving?

One of the most common questions I am asked about my pregnancy is if I am craving anything which is not all that surprising when we hear of husbands being sent out in the night in search of chocolate, ice cream and pickles!
After years of seeing pregnant women in my clinic I was also very interested to see if this overwhelming urge to eat everything in sight would also happen to me. In the first couple of months, if I am honest I actually did not feel like eating much at all. The coffee went very early not because of the smell but the milk volume completely turned me off. Any type of hot meal held not interest nor did the sweet treats I was used to eating, which was actually a nice relief. But what I did want was salty snacks – cheese and onion chips; Cheezels especially in the car when I was driving, along with Vita Weats and cheese. So what I did was buy one of those small, 100cal packets of whatever chips I felt like and allowed myself one each day -a very controlled way of eating crappy food!  There has also been plenty of cheese and crackers whenever I could shove them in-between clients while my usual favourite soda water was quickly replaced with plain tap water, which is very handy because I am just about to have my own Zip tap installed at home!
Now at 19 weeks in and all I can think of are wraps – I think about my wraps from the minute I finish my breakfast until I feel the first pang of hunger around 930/10am. I started with 1 wrap but now pack 2 and literally count down the hours until I can eat them. Which wraps do I use – I like the Wattle Valley Wholegrain Wrap – it only has 19g of carbs per serve, it is quite thick so does not break as easily as the thinner wraps and I like salty fillings – ham, cheese, turkey with salad. Delicious! Yesterday Chris ate all the wraps and it was not a pretty sight at our house because if I can’t leave the house with a wrap just in case I get hungry I get very antsy indeed.
The other thing I cannot get enough of is the Baker’s Delight Pane De Casa Roll (middle out) with red salmon, cheese and salad. I literally plan how I can get to a Baker’s Delight to get one but lately I have been getting indigestion and the bread is not helping that! I love, love, love red salmon and often enjoy it on Corn Thins or my other salty obsession, Corn Thins with baked beans and cheese on Corn Thins, a delicious protein rich snack.
 What else am I eating? I am obsessed with the Slim Grin Juice at Top Juice and also the La Zuppa Kale and Quinoa Soup and if those dodgy potato chips cross my path I won’t lie, anything salty will be devoured in no time. At least my blood glucose levels should be ok! So if you see me around chances are I will have a sneaky wrap or 2 in my bag  and am counting down the time until I can eat it. So sad but so true. I wonder what eating salty foods does in terms of programming children’s tastes, we will see!



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