What i eat: Samantha Armytage, television news presenter and co-host, Sunrise

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Today we have the very beautiful Samantha Armytage giving us a glimpse into what we would find in her fridge and what is Friday night indulgence!

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I prefer tea/coffee: Neither. I drink a hot water with lemon first thing, then herbal teas like peppermint or dandelion throughout the day.

You will always find these in my fridge: Olives. Probiotics. A bottle of champagne (just in case there’s something to celebrate.)

If i am on the run, i will pick up a: Water. A multigrain sandwich with some sort of protein and salad.

By Friday night i will treat myself to a: A glass of Pinot Gris … Or a good night’s sleep.

You will find me doing: At the extend barre bar, doing yoga or walking in the park.

And just because we are curious;

I am currently reading: Andre Agassi’s autobiography, Open

I am currently listening to: Sheppard

I am currently watching: Veep

You will always find these in my handbag: Sunglasses

I am dying to go to: Cuba

Best piece of advice i have been given is: Don’t die wondering (from my dad)

My inspiration is: Healthy , strong, happy people.

See Sam on Sunrise, weekdays from 6:00am. Follow Sam on Twitter and on Instagram.

Thanks so much Sam!

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