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IMG_5584Another month into the eating habits of Baby Gus and Baby Harry and I think it is fairly obvious from the size of them they are getting plenty of nutrition. At the moment I am focusing on increasing the variety of foods they are eating, and also rapidly increasing the textures of the foods they are trying. Often we keep baby’s on very soft, pureed foods for too long, when they need to get used to a range of textures quickly, hence mixing up more chunky veges and finely minced meats and chicken rather than a complete puree. If you interested in reading more about the Importance of Texture in Kids Food, see my post here.

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IMG_5468On average I feed the twins lean meat 2-3 x each week, along with 2-3 different vegetables. I alternate that with chicken breast and salmon. At this stage (6-7 months) baby’s will generally eat what is on offer with clear likes and dislikes not developing or being developed until 18 months plus.

The only food so far I have had issues with is avocado. Avocado is an extremely nutrient rich food offering Vitamin E, essential fats, fibre and Vitamin B but I think it constipated the twins a little so will hold off with this for a few more weeks. 

I am a massive fan of baby oats and use the Bellamy’s Organic range, but my local Woollies do not stock it and I ran out last week so instead I offered the twins 1/2 a Vita Brit. I choose Vita Brits as they are one of the few cereals that do not contain any added sugar but after a week of these I think they are little heavy for the twins tummies so have swapped back to Bellamy’s Oats which I found at Coles. I have also started added the only yoghurt I would offer to baby’s, Barambah Bay Yoghurt. It is really hard to find (Harris Farm do have it) but it is without doubt the best yoghurt on the market with no other ingredients than milk and probiotic cultures. Breakie at our house as such as been oats, a little yoghurt with a small amount of pear or banana and everyones tummy is doing nicely.

IMG_5469Perhaps most importantly, the twins now have their own water cup (not bottle). Developing hand eye coordination at this time is important, as is learning that water should be the fluid of choice when children are thirty. The twins love their cups and are not drinking extra water regularly which too helps to prevent constipation. You will also notice in here pics that the twins do feed themselves. Not a lot but they routinely hold their own spoons to again help with their hand eye coordination. Yes it is messy, but very good skill based training for small baby’s. And yes there is baby food all over our lounge room. lol