A New Series: What Mummy Feeds Us.


IMG_4577I have a new baby…..now I know you are thinking, ‘whats wrong with this chick, she just had 2 baby’s’ but those 2 bubbas are just not giving me enough to do so I have a new Facebook site to share with you that will run via a regularly featured theme to this blog - ‘What Mummy Feeds Us‘. What Mummy Feeds Us will be dedicated to detail the food journey of Baby Harry and Baby Gus as they transition to solid food. IMG_4597As a paediatric dietitian I feel pretty passionately about the importance of small children developing sound eating habits early in life. Working in this area for a number of years, I have some pretty firm opinions based on scientific evidence and my own clinical experience about what kids should and shouldn’t be eating. So what better way than to share these thoughts as I transition my own 5 month twins to solids over the next 6 months than to blog about my processes and practices?

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And hence this first blog post. So, the twins are now 5 months old but just 4 months and 1 week corrected. I wanted to wait until they were fully 4 months before starting any solid foods despite little Gussy constantly staring down everyone eating in his path and stuffing his hands or anything he can find for that matter into his mouth. Now often the first food people will reach for is the rice cereal. Now it is interesting that rice cereal has been used as one of the first infant foods thanks to its fortified iron content and low allergy risk. For me rice cereal is a high GI grain which does not offer a huge amount of nutrients and as I plan to get the boys eating red meat for their iron pretty quickly I decided to go with oats. Now the oats I have used this week are Bellamy’s because even though I had the best off intentions in grinding my own and pureeing them, time got away from me and the Bellamy’s oats are already such a good consistency for a first foods I went with those and ta da, we have eating!

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Both of the twins liked their oats which do have a tad of pear through them. As you can see both got their hands involved in the process and spent plenty of time slurping and playing with the spoon which is exactly what you want to be happening at this stage. GusI choose to feed the boys after their morning bottle at about 10am, before their second feed so they were a little hungry and will offer them about 1-2 tablespoons each day for a couple of days until we move onto vegetables. My baby phase is officially on the way out and I am just going to go and cry a little about that right now. Next bring on the veges!