What’s going on with my belly? Pregnancy Update Week 27


Its been a few weeks since my last post, the main reason being that things have been pretty crazy. Since I am looking a lot like this (see Winnie above) it  is safe to say that my babies have been growing rather rapidly and making life in general run a little more slowly. As a pertinent example of this slowness, Chris generally refuses to go walking with me for fear I will kill him with excessive exertion. Now, just 2 weeks ago he promised he would walk with me on Halloween and he had to push me up a hill to make it back to the car. And trust me, things are only getting slower. Even the multiple trips I take to the bathroom each night feel like mini workouts. This is a speed of life I am not used to going at but interesting all the same.

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Speaking of working out, I am still going to the gym a couple of times a week simply because I actually feel a lot better upright at the moment. I am not doing much – a little treadmill, free arm weights, bands and planks but I do think maintaining some level of basic fitness will only help when it comes to recovering post babies and getting my strength and fitness back. Mind you, lugging 8+ extra kilos around can’t be all bad for the leg muscles. I originally thought I would quit gym in late November but my body seems to like it so may press on as long as I can.

WIMG_2107e have finally decided on a car and my good friends at Trivett Parramatta came to the rescue and I decided on a rather snazzy mum-mobile aka x4. So if you see a blonde trying to park a car that is far too large for her around Pyrmont, Bondi or Balmain, chances are it is me and I am blaming the twins entirely. This meant that it was time to finally bid farewell to my beloved i125 which cost me a lot of money and points in speeding fines over the past 5 years. OMG I loved that car so much…….in fact best not to talk about it or I may start to cry.

IMG_2143And then there was a lovely baby lunch that I was lucky to share with some of my favourite people last week. I promise that there were no dodgy nappy based games or any other compulsory activities, rather a very nice lunch at Fratelli Fresh coupled with plenty of cake which as I have said before is reason enough to have a baby is it not? And people bring you presents. Gorgeous presents for both you and the babies. Very nice indeed.IMG_2138

The scary thing at this point in time is that realistically it could be as little as 8-10 weeks before the-twins are here and I am basically trying to enjoy this time as much as I can even though my back kills and I look as if I am about to drop a baby any day now. So after thinking about it, here are all the things I love about being pregnant, and then the things that are not so cool -

Things I love…..

Having a gorgeous egg like belly that I can not suck in even if I try
Feeling my babies move and dance around in there
The loving looks of strangers who can’t help but smile when they see my belly
People being much nicer to you simply because you are with child
How toned my skin looks all stretched out
My nail girls constantly rubbing my belly for good luck
Telling people there are 2 in there when they comment how big I am
Eating whatever I want simply because I cant eat much in total and need the calories
Craving fresh Summer Aussie fruit
Planning a baby room
Not tolerating any crap and then blaming it on my hormones
Justifying constant napping
Justifying constant snacking
No periods (this could be the absolute winner!)
My mum and dad offering to help me with everything so I don’t get stressed
Enjoying my last few weeks of freedom before life changes forever!

Things that are not so cool…..

The very sore back
The swollen ankles when I sit down all day
The multiple times I need to pee every night
My clients using my pregnancy as an excuse not to come to appointments :) “you will be away on maternity leave soon yes?”, ”ummmm, no not for 2 more months and then only for a few weeks” :)
Being scared in thinking I will make my babies come early if I do the wrong thing

So all in all these past few months have been a really special experience and I am really enjoying it. So from here it is time to get the babies room ready, work our way through the baby car seat journey and get ready for Christmas. So again thank you so much for all your kind words and beautiful messages, it has been really nice to share this journey with you all, until next time

Susie b xx