When you will be dehydrated

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The times you are most likely to be dehydrated.

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In busy lives there can be a big difference between knowing that we need to drink more water, and actually achieving this goal every day.  So if one of your goals is to focus on your hydration a little more, here are the times we are most likely to let ourselves become dehydrated and the steps to take to keep your focus on drinking enough.

When you are rushing around

When we are in our regular routine, we also get into certain habits which may include drinking water at certain times – starting the day with a cup of cooled boiled water, taking our water bottle to work and enjoying some sparkling water  with dinner. On the other hand, it is the times you are out of routine that you find yourself rushing around and not drinking anywhere near the amount of water you usually would. Avoid this scenario by always keeping a bottle of filtered still or sparkling water on hand with you, and check in with yourself at regular intervals to do a mental tally of how much water you have consumed so you know whether you need to actively seek out more. 

When you are training

For every hour of physical activity that we do, we will need at least an extra 500ml of water but this can be tricky, especially if you exercise first thing in the morning and choose coffee post workout over water; or if you are already starting your gym session dehydrated. To keep on top of your fluid intake when you are working out, a better mantra is to consume an extra 500ml of water in the hour or two before training as well as 500ml -1000ml during and immediately after the session. You will feel less fatigued and train more effectively if you are well hydrated before and during exercise. 

When you are travelling

Not only are we out of routine when we travel but if it is air travel we also have the dehydrating effects of being on a plane thanks to hours spent in low humidity. With long haul flights seeing us lose as much as 2litres of fluid, is it any wonder so many of us suffer the effects of jet lag. The fluid restrictions we may also encounter when travelling internationally too can impact how hydrated we are even before we step foot on a plane. For this reason, prior to any kind of plane travel you want to focus on drinking plenty of fluid the day of travel, and then carrying a bottle of water with you to drink prior to entering the boarding areas. Always take an extra bottle of water with you onto a plane to supplement the small serves generally offered and most importantly minimize the amount of alcohol you consume to help prevent further levels of dehydration. 

When you are drinking alcohol

In Australia many of us enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, or indulge in a few drinks with friends over the weekend but the regular consumption of alcohol will have a major impact on our hydration. As a general rule of thumb, ideally we will consume a glass of water for every alcoholic drink we enjoy. For this reason when you order a drink, get into the habit of also ordering a sparkling water as you will drink more when refreshing cool water is within easy reach. Most importantly, after any period of enjoying a few drinks, always prioritise drinking a large glass of filtered still or sparkling water before you hit the sack. 

When you are eating salty foods

Chips, snack food, pub meals and Asian and Indian cuisines are all exceptionally high in salt, and as salt attracts water away from the cells, the overall impact is dehydration in the body, which is why you can find yourself up at 1am seeking out fluid after a big salty Chinese meal. Keep on top of your hydration when you are eating more salt, by always teaming meals away from the home with water rather than soft drinks or juices and make it a priority to drink an extra 500ml of fluid after the meal. Better still go easy on the pizzas, soy sauce and Indian meals in general in favour of lower salt choices such as BBQ’s, grills and salads.  

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