Whole foods: the nutritional benefits of pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds

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Pumpkin seeds

Also known as pepitas, pumpkin seeds are incredibly nutrient rich for such a small little seed containing high amounts of protein, fibre, polyunsaturated fats , zinc and iron. For individuals following vegetarian, vegan or even Paleo diets, pumpkin seeds can act as a great daily dietary addition with 1/2 cup of pumpkin seeds offering a massive 20g of protein and 4g of fibre. The significant fat proportion though does bump up the calorie load with 1/2 cup also giving almost 400 calories and 33g of total fat. Add to baked foods, muesli, sprinkle over salads or add to your afternoon trail mix for a nutrient rich gem that taste great.



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  • Janelle says:

    I love these toasted with a drop of olive oil and a tiny sprinkle of salt. However they wouldn’t be quite so nutritious that way!
    Delicious none the less!

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