Why isn’t my diet working?

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The real reasons your diet is not working

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We often hear that we are eating too much, or not enough. That the times we are eating are all wrong, or our macros are out of balance but in reality, the reasons I see my clients not achieving their weight loss goals are far more simple. So let’s tell it the way it really is.

You do not really want to do it

Weight loss, especially during the early stages is hard. In many cases you need to eat less, exercise more and stop doing things that you really like to do. Now human beings in general are often not all that keen to work hard, deprive themselves and as such often do not make the sacrifices they need to get good eight loss results. While many of us would ‘like’ to lose weight, far fewer of us are prepared to do the hard yards to actually do it. We want the easy, quick fix but unfortunately, especially as we get older it does not work when it comes to weight loss.

You have too much else going on

What we know from research in the area of willpower is that it is a limited resource. This means that when you can put significant focus into your diet and exercise regime you are more likely able to achieve results. On the other hand, when you have a lot of other things going on in your life it is going to be much harder to find the focus and control that is required for weight loss. This means that the best time to concentrate on losing weight, is a time when everything else in life is going smoothly. Not when you have just had a baby; have family or relationship or health drama or are about to start a new job, go overseas or go through other considerable stress.

You are treating yourself too often

We are an indulgent bunch and unfortunately eating a couple of Freddo frogs, a few glasses of wine along with little to no walking each day is unlikely to result in weight loss. While you do not have to have a ‘perfect’ diet to lose weight, you do need to have one that is calorie controlled and as such high calorie foods including cakes, chocolates and alcohol need to be consumed sparingly, if at all especially during the first few weeks of a new program. If you are eating chocolate, cakes restaurant food regularly, weight loss will be challenging if not impossible.

You are buying too much food out

Foods we buy away from the home, whether it is restaurant or café food or even a salad from the food court have up the double the calories than meals we prepare at home. For this reason if you are eating out a number of nights each week, or buying your lunch at work each day, therein most likely lies your problem.

You are eating more than you think you are

Human beings underestimate their calorie intake by 20-30% each day – portion sizes, mindless eating and habitual eating just some of the factors that tend to limit the amounts we remember ourselves eating. If you are unsure as to why the scales are not changing, it may be time to log your food accurately in a monitoring program such as ‘myfitnesspal’ so you can really see what is going on, objectively. 

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