I have finally gone to yoga

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Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 6.59.05 AM

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I have finally gone to yoga, and you know what, I kinda like it….

After more than 15 years of being a chronic ‘over exerciser’, I have finally relented to my ultra-tight hammy’s; the fact that I can barely stand up straight when I get up out of the chair and the fact that even after being a ‘physie’ girl for 20 years, I can no longer touch my toes. Yes, I have finally ticked off the goal that has sat on my goal list for more than 5 years and gone to yoga!! And you know what, it was not that bad, and even though I cannot do any of the moves, I kind of like it.

Give me a treadmill and an i-pad and I will run for as long as my schedule allows; an all-day walk, no probs. Sessions with a trainer, bring it on. I have access to 3 gyms, all of which I frequent regularly and exercise as much as my schedule allows. I would rather spend an extra hour in the gym than cut back my calories and would spend all day wearing my gym clothes if I did not have to look professional on occasion. I love what exercise does to my body; I love that I can lift really heavy things and I love the feeling of being fit and muscular. But, lately my body does not love it that much and the realisation finally came, with help from my exercise partner in crime and dietitian buddy Jaime (http://www.jaimerosenutrition.com.au/) that it was time to mix things up and some stretching / relaxation was on the cards.

Now, I have done yoga before, several times in fact. And I hated it. In general while people around me looked calm and serene I was counting down the minutes until it was over and left both times with a sore back and splitting headache. So we both agreed, none of this slow breathing for us, Bikram was absolutely the way to go – that way we could feel like we were getting a workout and still some of the yoga benefits. Much time was spent discussing Bikram yoga options that did not stink to high heavens and finally agreed that an afternoon yoga session once a week was reasonable to commit too.

I arrived nice and early at the studio and confidently lied when the Zen, lithe 60+ year old yoga teacher asked me if I had done Bikram before. Then we powered in, set up the yoga mat that had been in my car boot for 2 years and copied everyone else into some kind of synced pre yoga meditative state. The room was filled with the regular yoga gurus – the ones who can turn inside out and walk around in flowy, yoga style clothing. There were the standard middle aged men dressed in Speedos, most likely finding themselves through yoga. And then, much to my surprise there were a lot of people like us, who seemed to have no idea what they were doing but who were determined to be there nonetheless.

And I must say it really was not that bad. Sure, there were a few specific Bikram moves I could not do at all, but then neither could half the class. But no one cared; no one was pointed out or targeted. In fact we were completely left alone to do exactly what we wanted. It was even not so bad that I went back the next week, without my friend, and I liked it even more. I did not look at the clock, the time went quickly and my body felt fresh, almost spacey after it had been given the stretch it had been begging for, literally for years.

And now 3 weeks in, I am feeling very confident that Bikram yoga may be a regular addition to my exercise regime for the near future at least. Worst case I have ticked it off my goal list, and at best, my poor over trained body may continue to feel better for it.

What exercise have you had on your goal list forever? Running a marathon? Going to Pilates? Joining a gym? Take the step and start. Action builds momentum and momentum = success.



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