‘You must be ready to drop’ – Pregnancy Update Week 31


Another few weeks have gone by and another few kilos of baby’s have been growing and apparently according to the lady who shrieked at me today (unsolicited I might add when I simply asked if she had ordered her lunch), ‘OMG you must be ready to drop’, I am looking pretty sizey. But if I am honest with you, it is only when I see my reflection in a window that I realise I do look big but I am not feeling it that much, and when I look down it doesn’t look that big to me. I have gained 9kg so far in total and one of my bubbas, who I call ‘Gus’ is 1.3kg and the other who I name ‘Budha’ is 1.5kg so they are not too small for twins. At 30+ weeks this is good news as if heaven forbid they do come early they will have a better chance of doing well the more developed they are. You can see a picture of the ‘BUMP’ taken last week above.

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Low iron levels!!

And boy are these bubbas hungry. They have sucked my iron stores within an inch of my life and I am starving – I cannot get enough Summer fruit, mango Weis bars, chicken sandwiches and wraps just a few of my food obsessions ATM. I have been lucky that the foods I am obsessed with are relatively healthy which has probably helped to control my weight gain. And we need to talk about pregnancy weight gain more because too often we do gain too much weight which is not good for mum to be, or the baby.

In my experience the key is to set very clear weight gain targets with your doctor and ditch the entire notion of ‘eating for two’ as the more we learn, the more it is proven to simply not be true. I have not eaten significantly more throughout this period and made a very concerted effort to move as much as I can, which leads on to the debate about exercise in pregnancy.

I have to be honest, I tend to agree with trainers when they continue to train throughout their pregnancy. Of course every person is different and all pregnant women need to consult with their doctors to determine what is right for them but in my experience many girls stop much of their regular exercise especially during the final few months for no other reason than they are pregnant. Now unless you have been told to stop medically, there is no reason not to move as much as you can and maintain some general gym / weights routine. Currently I am still doing 2 light 30 minute weight sessions a week which makes me feel so much better, and trying to get my steps to 8000 minimum each day. Now my belly is getting heavy but I just do not believe that anything good comes from sitting down all day if you feel fit, healthy and strong. Indeed maintaining this light exercise program as no doubt really helped my control my weight. I have gone to the gym for 20 years, compared to my usual routine I am only doing a very light routine and my body feels much better for it. It is bad enough I wont be able to train after I have my C-section in a few weeks so I am all for exercising regularly and keeping as fit, agile and flexible as you can pregnant or not.


My brand new standing desk – thanks Varidesk!

The other exciting addition to my house this week is a Varidesk. After recommending them to my clients all year my back is really not coping with sitting down and writing so this desk has saved me this past few weeks. Did you know you burn double the calories standing than sitting? So if you are like me and spend plenty of hours sitting, think about getting one at home or in the office. You will not look back.


Great job Chris Smith!

Now onto all things twins. The nursery is taking shape and Chris Smith has spent many hours building things like this. He is actually putting together the change table this very minute. We also got a sofa bed so my mum can stay when the twins come. Now you might be thinking oh no you don’t want your mother there! But Leah Burrell is a mid wife and we have invited her to come and live with us for as long as she likes for obvious reasons. As you can imagine she is getting a very good Christmas gift this year. Indeed it could be the only time in my life that I really do listen to my mother :) and no she is not happy my iron levels are so low. So next time we chat I should have some pictures of the entire nursery to show you. OMG its getting close.

Chris Smith also made me pack a hospital bag last night. I have been putting it off because it all seems way too close and I feel like packing the bag now might jinx me. Anyway I have so far packed some breastfeeding bras, my I-pad, some dresses and chocolate in a bag. That’s about all I can handle right now.

I also wanted to say a massive thank you to all my beautiful clients who have been showering me with the most delightful gifts. I am so so grateful and you are all so kind so thank you for your kindness.

So at just over 30 weeks the plan is to now keep these little guys in me for at least another 2-4 weeks. And I you see my waddling around the East please don’t tell me how big I am. The only thing acceptable to say to any pregnant woman is, ‘you look amazing’.

Love Susie b xxx