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When it comes to health and lifestyle change, we are often told what we should and should not be doing, cutting back on or reducing to achieve success. Much less frequently do we focus on the strategies and techniques that will generate positive health outcomes minus the feelings of guilt and deprivation. As such, there is growing interest in focusing on the benefits of building positive health habits as opposed to breaking the bad ones. 

Habits are formed when we repeat a certain behaviour over time until it becomes automatic. In the case of drinking water, a habitual behaviour could be filling up your water bottle when you arrive at work. We may always have this intention, however when we are distracted, busy or overwhelmed we may not have the cognitive capacity to focus on our specific health goal. This somewhat explains why we often do not meet our daily water goals, or return to poor eating habits quickly even with the best of intentions. 

With the help of a Zip HydroTap, keeping well hydrated is one of the easiest ways to optimise your health, yet so few of us manage to achieve our fluid targets in our busy lives. The average adult needs at least 1-1.5L of water each day, plus extra for any high intensity training that you do. In the warm summer months, this means that some of us may need as much as 2-3L of water each day, which can be challenging to say the least. Drinking enough water ensures that our digestive system works optimally; that we are able to maintain energy, concentration, focus – helping to prevent feelings of fatigue.. Drinking enough is one of the simplest things we can do each day to look and feel at our best. 

So as we move into a brand new year with many of us needing to drink more water on a daily basis to look, feel and perform at our best, we are encouraging you to commit to our 21 Day Zip Water Challenge. We know from research that this is the minimum amount of time it takes to establish a new habit and it is not too overwhelming a time frame for us to keep focused and motivated. 21 days throughout January and February, the warmest time of the year is also a perfect time to focus on our hydration. 

With a daily tip and suggestion to help remind you of easy ways to increase your water consumption, not only will drinking more water become a natural part of your daily routine, you will feel a whole lot better as a result. 

If you are one of the many who knows that your hydration needs a little more attention, or want to commit to building some strong new daily health habits, look for our daily #zipwaterchallenge tip. 

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