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Shape Me the 30 day plan by Susie Burrell

How is this program different to other online weight loss programs?

Shape Me, by Susie Burrell, is fundamentally different from other weight loss / body transformation programs for several reasons. It has been developed by a qualified dietitian and weight loss specialist and for this reason primarily targets personalized dietary changes that support weight loss. All programs in the program are individualised and can cater for a range of dietary requirements. Participants can also have ongoing access to a dietitian should they choose. The program includes daily and monthly updates on all aspects of nutrition, weight loss, exercise and well-being and users can individualise all the information that is provided to them on a daily basis. Unlike other online programs, Shape Me can be started at any time, by anyone and supports weight loss goals ranging from a couple of kg to 10kg or more. Shape Me requires no intense training programs, nor severe calorie restriction, instead it supports anyone who wants to lose weight over a 30 to 90 day time frame, who wants to eat normally and not train for hours or day and who would prefer to do it without someone screaming at them and expecting unrealistic things when it comes to training, diet restriction and weight loss.

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