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Your 2 week intensive meal plan personally designed by Susie

Advice and tips from Susie to help your prepare for your Kickstart including;
  1. Getting you ready to Kickstart!
  2. Autumn foods to embrace
  3. Eating for optimal energy
  4. Healthy kitchen
  5. Signs you may be dehydrated
  6. Common diet frustrations
  7. The truth about motivation
  8. 10000 steps is not enough
  9. Burn more calories without going to the gym
  10. You have to train and you have to walk
  11. Just stand up more!
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"Weight loss is tough at the best of times and it is especially hard when you are giving it your all and seeing no significant changes on the scales. This is why we have developed the Shape Me Kickstart Program. Not only have we developed a range of 2 week plans that will help kick start your diet and weight loss, but the programs are nutritionally sound and ultimately sustainable. So if you know that your diet needs a kick start but you want to make sure the program is something you can enjoy and stick to, look no further than the Shape Me Kickstart! You will be feeling and looking better in just 2 weeks!"

- Susie Burrell B.Nut & Diet (Hons), B.Sc (psych) (Hons)

Works on your laptop, mobile, or tablet

Shape Me is desktop, mobile and tablet friendly so you can access your healthy recipes, anywhere, anytime.


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