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Shape Me the 30 day plan by Susie Burrell

Change Your Mindset And Lose Weight Fast

The Motivation You Need To Lose Weight

Your Body a weight loss eBook from Shape Me

About 'Change Your Mindset And Lose Weight Fast'

Packed full of info and advice on finding and keeping your motivation, getting psychologically ready to take control of your weight, how to reset your hunger and take control, craving management and learning the art of self control when it comes to eating, if you know that it is your head that holds you back when it comes to weight control, this eBook is for you!

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List of Chapters

  • Introduction
  • The Weight Loss Mindset
  • Are you actually ready to lose weight?
  • Stop thinking like an overweight person
  • What can we learn from people who control their weight?
  • Time to get started – taking charge!
  • Take control of your food
  • The power of planning
  • Power planning
  • Foods that have to go
  • Managing your food behaviour
  • Managing overeating
  • Finding your natural hunger
  • Get comfortable saying no
  • Take control of your portions
  • Portion control when eating out
  • The art of compensation
  • It is not what you eat but how you eat it
  • Change Your Mindset And Lose Weight Fast
  • Break the bad habits
  • Taking control of night eating
  • Taking charge at home
  • Taking charge of your environment
  • Is your office making you fat?
  • Is shift work making you fat?
  • Are your weekends making you fat?
  • Do you get fat on holidays?
  • Finding and keeping motivation
  • Are you full of excuses?
  • Are you just being lazy?
  • Once you get started – how to keep motivated

Sample - 'What can we learn from people who control their weight?'

1) Slim people move their bodies for an hour each day
Note this does not say “flog their bodies for an hour each day” or “see a personal trainer three times a week” – just move. Learning to incorporate movement into each and every day, no matter what; walking to and from the station, spending time at the gym, power walking after dinner – whatever takes your fancy. Just move, more, every day.

2) Slim people monitor their weight closely
No more of this waiting until you have gained 10kgs before you take drastic diet action. Once a week, routinely weigh in and check to make sure that a few extra grams have not crept on, and if it has, begin cutting back then and there.

3) Slim people do not change their diet regime
It does not matter if it is Christmas, a major birthday, or Winter – thin people stick to a basic diet regime that works for them. Sure, they may take a break in order to enjoy a special meal but they are back on track the very next day.

4) Slim people follow a basic, low fat diet
Not low carbs or high protein, no counting calories or fat grams - simply avoiding high fat foods such as cakes, biscuits, fried foods and pastries and eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables as a way of life.

5) Slim people always eat breakfast
Every day, no exceptions. Generally speaking, the bigger, the better and the earlier you manage to eat it, the better for your metabolic rate long term.

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