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Shape Me the 30 day plan by Susie Burrell

Your Food - A Weight Loss eBook from Shape Me

Your Body a weight loss eBook from Shape Me

About 'Your Food'

Your food choices on a day to day basis decide your health and nutrition platform. Learn how to build your own nutritious food platform, make simple dietary changes to boost your nutrition and finally understand what it means to achieve dietary balance. This is the must know nutrition manual everyone needs to read.

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List of Chapters

  • Your Food
  • Eat more vegetables
  • 10 ways to eat more vegetables
  • Be smart with carbs
  • Get breakfast right
  • Watch the coffee
  • Get lunch right
  • Learn to snack smartly
  • Be strict with your eating times
  • Go light at night
  • Develop your own alcohol rules
  • Eat out the smart way

Sample - 'Eat more vegetables'

Ideally, an adult requires at least 2-3 cups of vegetables or salad every single day, and the brighter the colour of the vegetables, the better they will be for you. Vegetables, unlike fruit have virtually no kilojoules, which means you can literally eat as many vegetables or salad as you like without fear of weight gain. For individuals who are not vegetable fans, a common question is; “Can I substitute my vegetables for fruit?” Unfortunately the answer is “no”, as fruit unlike vegetables does have a significant calorie load and does not offer the wide range of vitamins and minerals that vegetables do.

Now before you start to conjure up images of overcooked soggy broccoli on plate, remember that there is nothing wrong with making your vegetables taste good. Nor is there anything wrong with juicing them, making them into a soup or adding various sauces to them, just as long as you are eating them regularly. Try using low fat milk and reduced fat cheese to bake them into a tasty sauce, char grill them on the BBQ or dice and bake in olive oil. Similarly, use the frozen varieties with accompanying sauces, or enjoy them raw as an accompaniment to your lunch.

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